Sabre Programmes

“Fencing is like playing chess at 100 miles an hour” – a common descriptor often used for fencing, and it is so very true, once the mask goes on the games begin – both physical and mental. 

Fencing is really three sports in one due to the three weapons – foil, epee and sabre – and there are dynamic differences.  In Sabre you use the entire edge of the weapon to score a touch.  The valid target area is everything from the waist up (torso, head and arms, excluding the hands).  Action is quick, calculated and furious.  Please use the links above for Yellow & Orange Armbands to learn about the skills developed in our classes.  For information on Green (and higher Armbands) please contact the club directly.

Lead Coach for our Sabre Programme:  Head Coach Stephen Symons
Assistant Coach:  Emma Symons

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