Foil Orange Armband – L3

Foil Orange Armband

A progamme for Intermediate fencers on Wednesdays (ages 14-17; 18+) and Thursdays (Ages 18+).  Take the building blocks learned in Yellow Armband Levels 1 & 2 of Foil Fencing and expand your actions on the piste and understanding of the rules.
Advance enrollment required; intake in September and January every year.

Orange Armband:
jump forward, jump backward, fleche

Technical Elements:
compound attacks, circular parries, octave parry, direct attack on preparation, counter ripostes

straight, engagement, body feint

Action Plan:
offensive and defensive actions executed on the above mentioned preparations

conventions, role of the referee

referee four bouts using the correct commands and describing the actions executed

Testing for the Orange Armband in Foil Fencing is done at Phoenix’s Winnipeg facility at the end of every semester.  Taking the test is up to each individual; if you thinking of testing please consult your programme lead coach.

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